Carlo Scevola

Entrepreneur & Philanthropist

About Carlo Scevola

Carlo Scevola is the founder and president of CS&P, an independent and privately owned international fiduciary firm that’s been active in four continents, and is also the director of the Cryptos Fund, a cryptocurrency index investment fund. After receiving his MBA in finance from the University of Liverpool, Carlo has gained experience in estate planning, asset management, international strategic tax planning, as well as trust administration. In addition to his own experience with entrepreneurship, he has also participated in several startup companies, sharing his financial and legal expertise.

  • Leadership 75%
  • Entrepreneurship 80%
  • Philanthropy 50%

More on Carlo Scevola

As president of CS&P, Carlo Scevola has contributed to the company’s strategic direction to each client engagement. Through his involvement in daily planning and execution, he has ensured the success and satisfaction of his firm’s clients for over twenty years. Carlo also oversees operations for the Cryptos Fund, and assists in developing strategies for the fund. Over the years, his involvement in developing and implementing strategies has solidified his reputation as someone who is able to continuously achieve substantial cash flow and profit and loss savings through innovative thinking.

In addition to his positions at CS&P and the Cryptos Fund, Carlo Scevola was the co-head of the team that created the benchmark for the Blockchain economy, the CCi30 Index, in January 2017. He currently serves as director for Secure Services LLC and Gold Bull Security as well.

Along with his participation in startups and other projects, Carlo is involved in numerous organizations such as the UK Securities & Investment Institute, Bitcoin Association Switzerland, International Tax Planning Association, and Crypto Valley Association. Carlo has also written works on taxation and finance and mathematics, and has also presented seminars regarding tax planning, estate planning, asset management, and nonprofit organizations. His developments of privacy and security solutions have been adopted by major corporations around the world.

Carlo Scevola, Continued

A broad background in entrepreneurial, financial, and legal experience and proficiency in several foreign languages has provided Carlo Scevola the foundation for international consulting work. With his experience providing support,  Carlo currently serves as the Special Adviser to the Prime Minister of Guinea Bissau. He also heads the Guinea Bissau National Investments Agency. As a philanthropist, he supports initiatives in the Caribbean, Russia, and Africa.

Formerly an alpine ski racer in international circuits, Carlo Scevola maintains an active lifestyle, enjoying free ride skiing and golf. To relax, he plays the cello in his spare time. He is currently based in Zurich, Switzerland.