In the age of skyrocketing startups and wealthy twenty-somethings, College degrees may seem like an unnecessary expense for those interested in a career as an entrepreneur. Why spend large sums of money for a degree that you probably won’t need?  The answer, unfortunately, is that these cases are unrealistic. The truth is that immediate success at a young age is not only unlikely…it is the exception.

There are actually a number of reasons why entrepreneurs should pursue a college degree prior to setting out to conquer the business world. They improve your network, your resources, and your skillset. They also give you a solid four years to determine your long-term business goals.

This does not mean that all entrepreneurs are required to major in Business. In fact, here are 4 “normal” majors for every potential entrepreneur to consider:

English or Communications

You would be hard-pressed to find an entrepreneur who is not capable of drafting a convincing memo or two. Writing well is essential when it comes to funding requests, business plans, and company communications. A degree in English or Communications sharpens some much-needed skills in the entrepreneurial world: reading, writing, and speaking.

What’s more? These degrees can also serve as the groundwork for a successful, internet-based company. Blog writing, search engine optimization, and sales are all excellent choices for students majoring in these fields.

Accounting or Finance

A degree in Accounting or Finance does so much more than prepare you for a career as an actuary. In fact, these fields are extraordinarily useful to aspiring entrepreneurs. Learning the ins and outs of tax laws, company finances, and investment strategies positions you ahead of the competition when it comes to many small business startups. A firm understanding of how these topics directly correlate to your business can go a long way.

Entrepreneurial opportunities that can arise from degrees in Accounting or Finance include financial consulting and tax preparation.

Computer Engineering

Understanding computers is imperative in the age of the online entrepreneur. Majoring in Computer Engineering is a phenomenal way to gain a firm understanding of concepts that are typically too dense or tech-heavy for the average individual. This particular degree has the potential to save you time and money when it comes to setting up your online presence, or troubleshooting office equipment efficiently and effectively.

Computer Engineering degrees can spark an entrepreneurial career in consulting. Ambitious students may even choose to start their own tech company using the foundations built over the course of their studies.


Philosophy is perhaps the most surprising major on this list, and yet, it is likely one of the most useful. Students that major in Philosophy are taught a broad range of skills that take entrepreneurship to the next level. Aside from top-notch debate and critical thinking skills, a degree in Philosophy also teaches students to acknowledge perspectives that differ from their own. This is something that entrepreneurs are required to do each and every day in order to ensure that their company is meeting the needs of their prospective clients.

Take some time to research a degree topic that you are interested in. There are plenty of options that allow entrepreneurs to gain valuable skills without stifling the intended outcome. Keep in mind that you are not required to major in business just because you want to run a business.