Some of the world’s most prosperous entrepreneurs also run successful philanthropic organizations. The skill sets needed to become a highly-regarded business professional also translate into running a meaningful charitable group. Many entrepreneurs have found that the philanthropic arm of their business is what brings them the most joy and intrinsic feelings of accomplishment. Here are five ways how engaging in philanthropy changes an entrepreneur for the better:

POWER OF NETWORKING: Stepping outside of the business world and into the sphere of charitable giving opens you up to a host of new contacts that you likely would have never made had you stayed inside the corporate bubble. Because the sector of philanthropy is inherently positive, the people that you meet along this path will be more likely to respond to requests for help. Any savvy business professional understands the importance of building a powerful network, and getting involved in philanthropy is just one more way to do this.

INTRINSIC JOY: Learning to give without expecting anything back in return brings about a feeling of satisfaction and happiness that cannot be replicated in the business sector. The feeling generated from giving back is addicting and this aura of positive energy can spill over into other areas of life.

EDUCATIONAL BENEFITS: Giving back exposes you to a world different from your own. The life lessons learned in this process cannot be taught in a classroom or at a business conference. Philanthropy opens your eyes to issues you had never considered while broadening your global perspective.

EXPAND PROBLEM-SOLVING SKILLS: The challenges encountered while engaging in philanthropy are different than those encountered while in the boardroom. Business leaders who are committed to venturing into the world of charitable giving will develop greater problem-solving skills as they are forced to solve problems different from which they are accustomed to dealing with on a daily basis as part of their corporate job.

NURTURE CREATIVITY: Because the issues presented while engaging in philanthropy are often different than those in the business sector, entrepreneurs are forced to think outside of the box to get the job done. Philanthropy has the ability to improve creative thinking skills and nurture the imagination while looking for solutions to problems unique to charitable giving.